Future Story Survey

We have a winner!

Thanks for your feedback. By a narrow but clear margin, City at the Edge of the World will be my next story release. I’ll let Fantastic City percolate in my brain for a later time. I’ve updated the title to make it a bit more compact, City at the World’s Edge. This is a continuation of the adventures of Elias of Earth, now joined by Guy, the semi-intelligent doglike creature from Sarvage.

Future Story Survey Background

I have a favor to ask of you. My original plan was to write a series of atavistic stories based on standard science fiction themes such as the mad scientist, spaceships, robots, etc..

I came up with three ideas and captured the essence of each story. However, as I wrote this first story about Elias traveling through a quantum portal, the back story took on a life of its own. It started as a stand-alone adventure, but with the open ending, I’m now considering swapping in the sequel instead of the spaceship story.

Your feedback will help me decide which story to focus on for the next edition of Atavistic Fiction. Here are rough drafts of my concept of each story:

Escape from Fantastic City: What will Earth find when they send an international crew of their best and brightest on the first trans-light speed spaceship in response to a SETI signal from the Centaurus A galaxy?

In mid-journey, the signal ceases, then changes into a warning. The crew lands to find a fantastic domed city the size of Rhode Island, beautiful and luxurious beyond belief—and deadly. Will they establish Earth’s first galactic trade route? Or, will conflicting goals of the international crew get them drawn into the bloody faction battle where no one escapes from Fantastic City?

City at the Edge of the World: What do weather manipulation, beer poetry, motorcycles, a scorned queen, a dog named Guy, and a city at the edge of the world have in common? Elias of Earth.

Reeling from the effects of altered DNA, Elias races to the next quantum portal on the other side of the water planet of Hosushab, land of a thousand kingdoms, each with their own unique set of rules.

Friends old and new help Elias on his journey to the locale of the next quantum portal to home, but when loose lips sink his ship, he crashes into a mysterious uncharted island. Will the strange island race help Elias? Or use him as leverage against the powerful queen in hot pursuit of revenge?